Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Protecting and maintaining the trust we received to process personal data is a matter of course for us at NetIntegrate. Our strategy is to always protect personal information and other sensitive information. Having a high level of security and protection has always been and is important to us.

Personal data we process for customers and prospects

Name, e-mail address, phone number, company, title, digital identities (username), image, address (for delivery and visit to your) device name (computer / mobile phone for monitoring and support), log of services and products we deliver, Content you share in emails, calendar meetings, meeting memos, individual company social security numbers, and comments you make on our social media.

Personal data we process when you visit our website

The information you provide if you approve cookies is the IP address, location, device (computer / mobile) you use, browser and operating system you are using as well as which pages you visit.

If you do not approve of cookies, we will not store any information.

Personal data we proces from our contacts

Name, address, phone number, company, title, phone number, email address, email content, how we came into contact with you, your network and memorabilia at meetings.

Legal basis for procesing personal data

For customers we have an agreement to provide services and products, we have as legal basis to process your information by agreement.

For contacts we have via network or when you contact us, we use legitimate interest as a legal basis. You always have your right to your identity under the law.

For business transactions registered in our business systems, we have other legal obligation as a legal basis.

Where do we store data?

The main rule is that we store information within the EU / EES, some information can be shared with suppliers in the so-called third countries. We always have agreements with these suppliers regarding the processing of personal data according to our routines and descriptions.


We have conducted a risk and vulnerability analysis where we identified that there are no high risks and probabilities that information may be misused or destroyed. We have a high level of safety and a thorough continuous analysis of potential threats.

Who do we share information with?

We share information with our suppliers when you do business with us and when you show interest in doing business with us. After approval from you, we can share your contact information with contacts that you may be interested in getting in touch with. When you visit our website and social media and approve cookies, your information will be disclosed to analytics companies (such as Google Analytics). We may share information such as personal data to potential buyers in the sale of all or part of the business.

Your right to your digital identity

You have the right under the Data Protection regulation to get your information corrected, the right to access your information we have about you (such as a registry extract), the right to limitation of treatment and the right to be deleted.

How long do we store data?

We will store your personal information according to the below policy.

If you are a customer, we will save the information as long as you are a customer and another 1 year later. Information about business transactions is saved as long as we have legal obligations (the accounting act and guarantee commitments).

If you have come into contact with us, we will save the information according to interest weighing, with the possibility of requesting the right to delete. We will check our records at least once a year to clear away information we can not save for interest or other legal obligations.

Contact information for SoftIntegrate

You can always contact us at SoftIntegrate AB for any questions regarding this policy.

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Phone: +46 8 5000 3170